The Northern New York – Fort Drum Chapter of AUSA is comprised of local businesses, organizations, civic leaders and soldiers who have joined together to become one voice – a voice dedicated to both the Army and the local community.

Today the Chapter’s ties include not only the 10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum, but Army Reserve and National Guard units throughout upstate New York as well as a number of Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) detachments at North Country colleges and universities.

2021-2022 Executive Committee

President Tina Thorton 2023
Immediate Past President Michelle Capone 2022
First Vice President, Overall Management James Redmore 2023
Second Vice President, Program Activities Nancy Martel 2024
Vice President of Noncommissioned officiers/Enlisted Affairs: Vacant
Secretary Allison Williams 2024
Treasurer Matt Siver 2022
Programs Melissa Strader 2022
Marketing Guy Javarone 2022
Corporate Membership Mary Corriveau 2021
Individual Membership Joe McLaughlin 2022
Veterans/Retiree Affairs Mike Russell 2020
Member Ryan Alfero 2022
Member Beth Fipps 2023
Member Bridget Fetterly 2024
Member Randy Fipps 2024
Member Adam Bojarski 2022
Member Gene Spencer 2021
Member Megan Klosner 2024
Member Alex Hazard 2022
Member Carl McLaughlin 2023
Member Mark Decillis 2022
Member Ron Novack 2020
Member Manna Doyle 2021
Member Vacant

CASA Joseph Butler Jr.
Family Liaison Shon Harris
Emeritus Felicity Hallanan
Emeritus John Deans
Emeritus Emeritus Larry Hickey
Emeritus John Rothermel
Emeritus T. Urling Walker
Emeritus Steve Graham
Emeritus Rich Babbitt
Emeritus Ron Spooner
Emeritus Peter Whitmore
Emeritus Michael Plummer
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