Benefits Afforded Members Through AUSA National

Membership in AUSA brings a wide array of benefits not only from your local Chapter but from the National level as well. AUSA’s Membership Services Program was strategically developed to meet our members’ ever changing complex needs. These services may require additional charges and are subject to change. Your membership number may be needed when calling these service providers, so please have it handy.

Membership in AUSA includes:

  • ARMY Magazine received monthly, including the October Green Book , which is an almanac of articles from Army leadership and reference information about America’s Army worldwide
  • AUSA News received monthly, features relevant news about Army topics and AUSA reports on our support of the Army
  • Membership in one of the 126 chapters worldwide
  • Weekly Legislative Newsletters via e-mail
  • Bi-weekly Family Programs Newsletter via e-mail
  • Member benefit identification card for spouses
  • Eligibility to participate in the Membership Services Program

For more information on the Membership Services Program and benefits afforded by AUSA National please click here.